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At Acorn House Fostering, we offer foster carers a wide range of reasons to transfer to our agency. When you’re looking into how to transfer foster agencies, it can easily seem like this will be a long and confusing process that’s simply not worth it. But our expert team will give you all the information and support you need to transfer fostering agency, whether you’re currently looking after a child or not.

By complying with the guidelines set out in the Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol issued by The Fostering Network, the transfer process is relatively smooth and simple.

Transferring fostering agencies when you’re looking after children

If you are looking after children, there will be a meeting with the child’s social worker, your current agency and Acorn House Fostering. This meeting is called a protocol meeting where the needs of the child/ children are discussed to make sure they will not be impacted by the transfer. In our experience, these meetings have not raised any concerns or obstacles for the transfer as we have an excellent reputation for providing children and carers with amazing support.

Transferring fostering agencies when you’re not currently looking after any children

If you plan to transfer fostering agencies when you’re not currently looking after any children, this is a simple process. You will need to give written notice to your current agency that you’ll be joining Acorn House Fostering. A member of our team can help you with this.

Once you’ve been approved by us, you will need to give written notice of resignation to your current fostering agency. We will co-operate with your current fostering agency to schedule your dates of termination and approval to ensure that you remain continuously approved.

When you decide to transfer to Acorn House Fostering, we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. To find out more about transferring fostering agencies, call 0845 449 077 or request and information pack.

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